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About Anmian

About Anmian Room


Anmian Suites is an adult-only elegant escape in a modern, minimalist, and relaxing
environment. The earthly hues blend in with the jade and blue waters, offering exceptional views in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

And hence came the name!

Anmian, meaning peaceful sleep, is an acupuncture master point located behind the earlobes. It has one purpose, and that is to help towards a restful and peaceful sleep. Everyday life is many times stressful and demanding. A break, a holiday, from the daily schedules, should reflect a harmonious and peaceful environment, a stress-free mind, and an overall fulfilling experience both for the soul and the body.

Anmian Suites is all about providing all the right ingredients to accomplish just that.

or fate?

Anneta Pavlidou, a doctor, is the owner of this sophisticated and stylish hotel, and Michalis Vasileiadis, a civil engineer, is her life partner. Anmian Suites is a very personal project for both, reflecting on their own very intense daily life, thus, pursuing a combination of high-quality standards in services and a mind-calming milieu when traveling themselves.

Anneta searched for a name that would embrace all of the above, and in the light of love and appreciation, she chose Anmian -apart from all it stands for in the international alternative medicine scene, it also includes the initials from their names ANneta and MIchalis.

Hence, there was no second alternative for the name of this exceptional boutique suite hotel.

We hope that it will stimulate a serene, peaceful existence in this grand, magnificent universe.


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Infinity Pool




This stay was eye-opening! We enjoyed every little detail- the room, the pool, the view, the bike rides, and the boat! We felt pampered every moment, and we will surely come back at the first chance we get. Thank you!

George & Alexandra

The perfect accommodation in the best location ever! Spotlessly clean, beautifully designed with many stylish details. The swimming pool was amazing, and we were delighted to use the gym and the bikes. My soulmate and I have lots to remember from this trip! The hosts were incredible. Thanks and see you soon again!!


Our company enjoyed the stay. The beds are super comfortable, and everything inside was high-quality, and also the location is beautiful! The beaches and the buzz areas are very close by car. We loved our cocktails by the pool with excellent music, fun, and not disturbing at all. Highly recommended!


The hosts gave us many tips on the surrounding area that we were happy to explore once there! The accommodation is immaculate, they follow all the protocols, and we felt safe. We appreciated the cold water waiting for us and the good coffee as well. The amenities and the swimming pool are really great also. They offered us the boat for a cruise, complimentary because we stayed over five days, which we gladly accepted. Highly recommended, and I give it five stars


Waking up here was one of the best experiences we had. This hotel delivers on its every promise. The beaches nearby were terrific, not to mention the incredible food! Thank you, my wife and I feel blessed!

Jonas and Kattis

We loved every moment of our stay! Very clean and with all the measures taken for safety. We loved having breakfast on our big table by the pool. The hosts and staff were very accommodating and nice. We received a Blue Titans goodie bag as a welcome gift when we arrived, and there was the much appreciated cold water waiting for us in the fridge. Want to come back to this soon!!

Jessica, Moris

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